NOTE:  if you do not immediately get an email confirmation with a copy of your rehab draw request, we also did not get it either.

Rehab Draws will require a $100 Draw Fee


Pay Rehab Draw Inspection Fee


Once you have paid your draw inspection fee please be sure to submit your draw request online submission below.

  • Draw inspections are done between Tuesday and Thursday of every week.
  • Draw request MUST be submitted no later than Monday at 12 NOON EST. to be paid on Friday of that same week.
  • A combo lock box is required. No lock box code, No Inspection, and a loss of paid inspection fee will apply and be applied for a trip charge.
  • Make sure your lock box code is correct, we will not call borrower if it does not work.
  • A specific time for the draw inspection cannot be guaranteed.
  • Draws will be done during day light hours only.
  • Draw inspection fees are non-refundable. Draw inspection fees must be paid prior to the draw inspection being performed and cannot be paid from the draw funds.
  • Approved draws are paid to the borrower on Friday afternoon of the same week.
  • Lien waivers are required by any and all contractors.
  • Weekly approval or denial of a draw request is at the sole discretion of the draw inspector and is based solely upon the work completed or not completed.