We offer a broad array of options for private lenders. Private lenders directly lending their own funds for real estate on their own, can use a second set of eyes. We offer the below services to outside lenders.

General Underwriting:

The loan underwriting process involves the review and verification of the loan application documentation to the end of a recommendation with respect to a credit decision. The recommendation may include suggestions concerning collateral requirements, pricing, repayment terms and/or other conditions to be included in the loan approval.

Loan Processing:

We offer our loan processing services to outside lenders who may ask us to package a loan file for review. For more detailed information, please contact us at 1-877-296-4557

Loan Servicing:

We will service your Land Contract | Private Mortgage | Hard Money Loan with our Affiliated servicing company.

A One-Time Set Up Fee: $295

Monthly Costs You Decide: $25

  • Buyer | Borrower
  • Seller | Lender

Our Loan Servicing Software streamlines and automates all of your current loan servicing tasks. This automation of the loan servicing process allows you to easily handle from a few dozen to thousands of loans. With the Loan Servicing Software module, you can:

  • Precisely track loan charges and advances
  • Quickly process payments using many flexible options
  • Generate emails for borrower bills and statements
  • We can easily store any document with a fully integrated document imaging and management system
  • Schedule one-time, recurring or event-driven loan reminders
  • Escrow administration features meet or exceed RESPA requirements
  • Electronically collect borrower payments and directly deposit funds to your lenders via ACH
  • Print, manage and e-file 1098, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC and Canadian T5 tax forms