National Real Estate Insurance Group – Your go-to source for investment property insurance coverage.

Real estate investors require a unique insurance product. That’s what we specialize in at National Real Estate Insurance Group – providing a comprehensive program of finance insurance for real estate investors that can be customized for houses, buildings, office space, retail locations, apartments, or tenements. Their program allows you to combine all of your investment properties under one investment property insurance policy which gives you great benefits such as: monthly billing, same day proof of insurance, no vacancy clauses, and much more.

They can help you protect commercial and residential properties, your agency vehicles, tools and equipment, as well as provide you with general business liability coverage. The dedicated staff will help you plan for industry related risk exposures with our extensive investment property insurance coverage. You can build a solid defense with customizable real estate insurance lines.

When it comes to managing investment property, it’s important that you are adequately protected with comprehensive real estate finance insurance. Real estate investors can rely on National Real Estate Insurance Group as your one-stop shop for risk management solutions. As the industry expert, we are able to effectively pin-point the exact lines required for your unique situation and portfolio of properties. We provide all-inclusive real estate insurance solutions for all investors, no matter how many properties you own.

They have developed a comprehensive matrix that allows real estate investors to understand the differences between various investment property insurance policy forms, ultimately helping you make an educated decision about your real estate insurance needs.

To learn more about the investment property insurance coverage’s they offer, call  NREIG at 800-900-5324. Their team will be able to answer any questions you may have about real estate insurance and can furnish you with a no obligation proposal.