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Real Estate Private Funding is a funding source for asset-backed purchases of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties and other worthwhile collateralized projects.

  • Lend your funds with us and earn 8%-25% return
  • Invest passively to earn residual income
  • Borrow funds for real estate investments
  • Benefit from our private lender services
  • Open a Commercial Net Branch and become the lender

Invest | Lend and Earn Interest

Real Estate Private Funding keeps focused on providing investors an opportunity to benefit from trust deed and mortgage investing without the need of hands on real estate experience, personal time and large capital requirements.

Private Lender | Broker Services

We offer processing, Underwriting, loan servicing to other individual lenders. We allow brokers to open a branch and tap into our funds so they can lend themselves.

Borrow Funds to Invest in Real Estate

Whether it’s for hard money wholesale, hard money rehab, hard money rehab and rent loans, or hard money buy and hold for long-term cash flow. Real Estate Private Funding can fund deals fast and easy to get access to close your hard money and Private Money loan requests.

Our Company's Mission

The relationships we form with products' providers and private clients who share the same vision, are long term and flexible.

They allow us to grow and expand outlets, while adjusting to today's marketplace on a daily basis.

Our Philosophy

We take pride in being able to share a wealth of information from some of the industry proven field leaders.

Great teams are formed which center on many years of Lending, Real Estate, Insurance, and Financial Planners from across the country.