Real Estate Private Funding is a funding source for asset-backed purchases of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties and other worthwhile collateralized projects.We take pride in being able to share a wealth of information from some of the industry proven field leaders.
REPF can work with many of the SDIRA providers. Please find a list of the providers we can suggest, every provider has a specified way of doing business, costs of fees, and either Check Book IRA options, or custodian regulations.
American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) is the national organization representing the private real estate and peer to peer lending industry. The membership includes private money lenders, hard money lenders, mortgage fund managers, brokers, and service providers from around the United States.

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Real Estate Private Funding via affiliates is receiving more applications each and every day and the growing need for financing creates a demand that exceeds our current ability to fund all of the qualified requests. We also purchase all property types and either holds them in our own portfolio or turn around and sell them for a profit within 2 weeks -18 months depending on the particular property.
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